Fillers for Your Baby Shower Party Favors

Fillers for Your Baby Shower Party Favors

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give a great baby shower party favor is to fill a favor bag or box with goodies.  Favor bags and boxes are great because you can customize them to fit your theme or color scheme by using ribbon and/or favor tags. You can fill your containers with either store bought or homemade gifts.  You can give one larger item (like a cupcake) or lots of little items (like candies).  Here are some of our favorite filler ideas.

Baby shower party favors candy

A super easy way to fill your party favors is to use individually wrapped candies.  A lot of candy is sized perfectly for favor bags or boxes.  Many popular candies also come in miniature-sized versions.  You can fill your favors with candy that coordinates with the colors or theme of the baby shower.  Or, you could ask the mommy-to-be if she has a favorite candy (or craving!) that would be good to use.  If you need some ideas, some individually wrapped candies that would be great to use are:

  • Hershey Kisses – Hershey Kisses are our favorite candy to use as a favor filler.  They come in a special version that’s perfect for a baby shower party favor – you can find them in either pink or blue wrappers with labels that say “It’s a Girl!” or “It’s a Boy!” You could also add personalized labels to the bottoms of the kisses.
  • Miniature Hershey bars
  • Life Savers mints
  • York Peppermint Patties
  • Miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Lollipops or Suckers – These are a great choice if you want to match the favor filler to the colors of the shower.  Stores like offer both old-fashioned and standard lollipops in all colors of the rainbow.
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Bubblegum Cigars – These are classic for baby showers!
  • Other individually wrapped candy – Sweet Tarts, Starbursts, Smarties, Werther’s Original Hard Candy caramels, hard cinnamon candy, etc

hersheys-kisses-its-a-boy-im-131657-1It’s a Boy Hershey Kisses from

its-a-girl-bubblegum-cigar-favors-400Bubblegum Cigars from


Small baby shower favor ideas

Edible favors are a favorite of ours (and probably your guests, too).  There are lots of different ways you can fill your favor bags or boxes with edible goodies.  For many of these favor ideas you have the option of either making the treats yourself or buying them from a local bakery, gift shop, or the internet.

  • Jelly beans – These are a great choice if you want to coordinate the favor with the shower’s colors or theme.
  • M&M’s – M&M’s are another good option if you want to coordinate the favor with the theme or colors of the shower.  M&M’s can also be customized with the baby’s name, a thank you message, or short saying.  Check out to make your own customized favor fillers.
  • Mints – You can buy mints in a big bag to use as your favors or make some yourself.  Butter mints are inexpensive and easy to make, and homemade mints are delicious.  Visit for a yummy and easy-to-follow tutorial to make your own.
  • Popcorn – There are lots of inexpensive ways you can dress up popcorn to make it a great treat for your favor fillers.  You can make caramel corn or use a store-bought seasoning to add flavor.  Some other ideas to make your own popcorn favor: Baby Ruth Caramel Corn from Pip & Ebby and Cinnabon Popcorn from The Girl Who Ate Everything.
  • Chocolate covered pretzels – Check out a tutorial on how to make your own at Love From the Oven.
  • Chocolate covered espresso or coffee beans
  • Nuts
  • Fudge – Fudge is another thing you can buy or make.  For some delicious and easy recipes take a look at a peanut butter fudge recipe from Simply Kierste or a snickerdoodle fudge recipe from I Heart Nap Time.
  • Gummy candies
  • Gum ball
  • Caramels – If you want to make your own caramels for the party favors, visit Pip and Ebby for a tutorial for homemade caramels.
  • Trail mix
  • Chex mix

mints-10-665x665Homemade Mints from Averie Cooks

1212BabyRuthCaramelCorn016postBaby Ruth Caramel Corn from Pip & Ebby

How-To-Make-Chocolate-Covered-Pretzels-0310-500x499Chocolate Covered Pretzel tutorial from Love From the Oven


Large baby shower favor ideas

Another popular and easy way to fill your favor bags or boxes is to use one or two larger edible items.  A lot of these food items can either be homemade or purchased from a bakery.

  • Cookie(s) – You can buy or make any type of cookie to use as your favor filler.  The cookies can be either decorated to match the shower theme or colors or they could just be plain.
  • Cupcake – Cupcakes are also easily customizable.  Decorate them simply or extravagantly – either way they’ll be a great favor.
  • Brownie(s)
  • Rice Krispy Treat(s) – You can give regular Rice Krispy Treats or dip them in chocolate or a melted candy coating in a color that matches your shower.
  • Miniature pie – Mini pies can be purchased or handmade.  For an easy and simple tutorial that would make perfect baby shower favors visit The Sweetest Occasion.
  • Cake pops
  • Brownie pops
  • Chocolate covered Oreos
  • Large candy bar – You can buy personalized wrappers for candy like Hershey’s Chocolate bars at places like Etsy and
  • Macaron(s)
  • Truffles
  • Cotton candy
  • Doughnuts
  • Fortune cookies – Customized fortune cookies can make such a cute baby shower favor.  At you can add colored chocolate, sprinkles, and a personalized message in the cookie.
  • Peanut brittle
  • Candy bark

baby-shower-fortune-cookies-400Fortune Cookies from

Cherry-Pie-Hearts-Valentines-Day-Recipies46Easy Mini Pie tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion

baby-shower-hersheys-chocolate-bars-400Candy bar wrappers from 


baby shower favor fillers

If you want to give your guests something that isn’t candy or a sweet treat, here are some more ideas for baby shower favor fillers.

  • Tea bags
  • Coffee beans
  • Jam or jelly
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Apple cider mix
  • Spice rubs
  • Popcorn seasoning
  • Apple butter or pumpkin butter
  • Bath salts
  • Bath bombs