Baby Shower Theme Guide

Baby Shower Theme Guide

Are you wanting to have a theme for the baby shower you’re hosting?  Themes are such a good place to start with baby shower planning because using one correctly will help the event seem well planned and pulled together.

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There’s a balance you’ll need to aim for when throwing a shower with a theme.  If you use what we call the “theme element” in every single detail of the shower it’s probably going to end up being overdone and maybe even tacky.  (The theme element is whatever your shower is going to feature - the butterflies for a butterfly themed shower, the owl for an owl themed shower, etc.) On the other hand, if you only use the theme element in a couple places your guests may not even realize that there was a theme to the event.

For this baby shower theme guide we’ve separated the different parts of the shower into categories. Using your theme a targeted number of times for each category will help make sure you include the theme enough for guests to notice but not so much that it becomes overdone.  You don’t have to use all of these items for your event – this is just a list of things many hosts choose to use.

Tip: Choose a color palette for the shower that goes well with the theme.  Many themes will have a color palette that comes naturally.  For a frog themed shower you will probably naturally use green colors and for a ladybug themed shower you will likely use red and black.  Some themes, though, will have a lot of supplies and options available.  For example, you can find butterfly or owl decor in every color of the rainbow.  If the theme you choose does not have a set color scheme, we recommend choosing a color palette for your event.   Having a color palette that compliments your theme will help make the event feel even more pulled together and special.


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You can decorate the baby shower however simply or elaborately you’d like.  If you’re having a lot of decorations, though, we recommend using your theme in 2 – 4 of these items. Keep the rest basic and in your color palette.

  1. Centerpieces
  2. Table cloth(s) 
  3. Table runner(s) 
  4. Banner – Personalized or general
  5. Garland or ceiling decor 
  6. Party sign
  7. Backdrop 


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The food is usually everyone’s favorite part of a baby shower.  You can feature your theme element on the food table by decorating the cake or cupcakes with the theme.  You could also use themed food labels that have your theme element on theme.  We recommend using your theme with at least one of these food items.  The rest can either just be the foods you want or you could try to match the foods with your color palette.

  1. Cake
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Savory finger foods
  4. Sweet finger foods
  5. Drinks


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The food supplies are also a great place to try to use your theme.  Don’t go overboard and use the theme with every single napkin, cup, straw, and water bottle, though.  Pick and choose where you want to feature your theme element and use basics to compliment the more detailed items.  We recommend using the theme with 2 to 4 of these food supply items.

  1. Plates
  2. Napkins
  3. Utensils (forks, knives, spoons, etc)
  4. Cups or drinking glasses
  5. Food labels 
  6. Bottle labels
  7. Straws and/or straw flags
  8. Food display accessories (cake stand, cupcake stand, trays, etc)


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The guest-related items of the baby shower will be scattered throughout the event. We believe this  makes it acceptable to use your theme in each of the items listed below if you’d like.  For example, you could send invitations that feature your theme and then use the theme element on favor tags and to embellish the guest book and any papers for the games and/or activities.  Try to use the theme in 1-4 of the guest-related items.

  1. Invitations
  2. Favors
  3. Games and activities
  4. Guest book