Mustache Baby Shower Food Ideas

mustache baby shower food ideas

The baby shower food is, in our opinion, the hardest places to use a theme element.  The easiest way to have some mustache baby shower food is to use food labels decorated with mustaches.  Below you can find some free printable food tent labels that you can print and use to make adding the theme super easy.  Another great way to add mustaches to the food is on the cake or cupcakes.  With cakes and cupcakes you can use toppers or wrappers that fit the theme.  You can also use cookies, cake pops, sandwiches, and candies that are mustache themed.  Here are some of our favorite mustache baby shower food ideas.


Mustache Baby Shower Cake and Cupcakes

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 4.45.14 PM

Mustache Cupcake Picks from Oriental Trading

These mustache cupcake picks from Oriental Trading are a nice, classic design and color.  They would go great with almost any mustache shower decorations and colors that you’re using for the shower you are hosting.  An added bonus is that they’re very inexpensive.



Cupcake Wrapper from

Using cupcake wrappers is a very easy way to add the theme to your food table.  We love these cupcake wrappers in the “Dashing Little Man” collection from There’s a large collection that matches these cupcake wrappers that are also adorable.


Little-Man-Birthday-Party-Cupcake-Stand-And-Cupcake-Wrappers Cupcake Stand and Cupcake Wrappers Set from

if you like the “Dashing Little Man” cupcake wrappers you may also like this cupcake stand that matches.  Cupcake stands are great way to add height and interest to your food table.  This cupcake stand comes with 13 of the cupcake wrappers that we featured above.


Edible Sheet Cake Topper from

Another easy way to add the mustache theme to your shower food is to use an edible cake topper. This topper in the “Dashing Little Man” collection is customizable and matches the other great items in the collection. You could add it to an inexpensive sheet cake that is homemade or store-bought.



Fondant Mustache Topper from Etsy seller Sweeten Your Day

Edible fondant mustaches make a great decoration for either cupcakes or a cake.  If you have the time you could make your own fondant mustaches with cookie cutters like we show below.  If you’d like to buy something that is already ready, we really like these toppers from Etsy seller Sweeten Your Day.


Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 4.45.04 PM

Sugar Mustaches from Sweet Baking Supply

Another edible way to add the mustache theme to cakes or cookies is to use these sugar mustaches from Sweet Baking Supply.  They are really similar to the fondant mustaches but would be easier and more affordable.



Personalized Mustache Cupcake Topper from

Can you tell that we like this “Dashing Little Man” collection? These cupcake picks would look great if you’re using other pieces from the collection or just similar colors with your decor.


Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 4.45.48 PM

Cupcake Topper Rings from The Party Works

These cupcake rings from The Party Works are another easy way to use mustaches with the shower food. Since these toppers are so neutral they should work no matter what colors you are using with the shower decorations.



“Little Man” Cupcake Wrappers from Birthday Express

Here is another cupcake wrapper option from Birthday Express. We love the plaid pattern – it fits perfectly with the mustache theme. These wrappers are reversible and go well with a collection of other items like plates, napkins, and candy wrappers.


mustache baby shower cupcake toppers

Free Printable Cupcake Toppers from Shower That Baby

You can print these mustache cupcake toppers that we’ve designed and use them to add the mustache theme to homemade or store-bought cupcakes.  You can cut the toppers out with a 2″ paper punch or cut them in the square shape as shown.  Just adhere them to lollipop sticks or toothpicks and place them in your cupcakes.



Mustache Cake Pop Tutorial from Love From the Oven

You can learn how to make these adorable mustache cake pops from this tutorial from Love from the Oven. If you prefer, you could just make the chocolate mustaches that are shown.



Other Mustache Baby Shower Food Ideas


Mustache Cookie Tutorial from

A great place to add the shower theme with the food is with cookies.  You can learn how to make these fondant decorated mustache cookies at


Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 4.30.45 PM

Mustache Cookie Cutter Set from

These mustache cookie cutters will let you make cookies in six different mustache shapes. You could use them to make the decorated cookies shown above or you could just bake simple sugar cookies.



Large Mustache Cookie Cutter from Cookie Cutter Company

Here is another mustache cookie cutter option from Cookie Cutter Company. This cutter makes a 5-inch wide mustache.


Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 4.45.21 PM

Mustache Gummy Candies from Oriental Trading

These mustache shaped gummy candies from Oriental Trading would make a great addition to your food table. They come in 1 pound packages and are fairly inexpensive.


mustache baby shower food labels Free Printable Mustache Food Labels from Shower That Baby

You can print out these free food tent labels that we designed and use them to let your guests know what food is being served.  Tent labels are an easy way to add the mustache theme to your food table.