Sports Themed Baby Shower Decorations

sports themed baby shower decorations

With sports themed baby shower decorations, you can either use one sport or several different sports.  Some baby shower items feature multiple sports, but for the most part they focus on just one. If you’re wanting to use several sports, you can mix and match the different decor items.


Sports Themed Decorations

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Football Pennant Banner from

Banners are one of our favorite decoration items because you can use them to decorate walks, tables, or entryways. This football banner from is simple and perfect for any shower featuring football. It’s 12 feet long.


1Football Banner from

Here is another football banner from that is white with whole footballs on them. This banner it’s also 12 feet long and it’s a bit more budget friendly than the first football banner.



Football Paper Lantern from

We really like this football paper lantern from You could hand some from the ceiling or use then to decorate tables. They would look good mixed in with regular paper lanterns in your shower’s colors, too.



Pom Pom from

Pom poms are a great decoration to use at a sports themed baby shower. You can use them on the tables as a part of centerpieces or hang them over the sides of the tables. There are a lot of color options at so you should be able to find some that go with the colors of your shower.


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Miniature Football from

One great way to decorate a sports themed shower is with sports balls. You can use more decorative, inexpensive options like the miniature football shown above (it’s available in other colors, too) or you could use real sports balls.



Tissue Football from

These tissue footballs could be hung from the ceiling or strung together as a 3D garland. Each football is 12 inches long and they are fairly inexpensive.


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All Star Centerpiece Set from Big Dot of Happiness

There is a large collection of baby shower items at Big Dot of Happiness that feature sports. This centerpiece kit is a part of that collection and would look great whether or not you’re using other items that match. The large accordion piece can either be left open or folded into a cube. The set also comes with two circle stand-up decorations and some table confetti. You can personalize this centerpiece with your guest of honor’s name and shower date.



Football Table Confetti from

We really like this football shaped confetti from You can use it to surround your take centerpieces or sprinkle some along the food or gift tables.



Baseball Table Centerpiece from Celebrate Express

These baseball centerpieces from Celebrate Express say”home run” and “take me out to the ball game.” There is matching tableware that you can get, too.


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Football Tray from The Party Works

This football tray from The Party Works could be used to hold food on the food table or you could use it to wrangle decorations like vases or frames for the centerpieces.



Basketball Court Tablecloth from

We really like this basketball court tablecloth from There aren’t a ton of basketball themed items available, so this tablecloth would be good for adding the basketball element in an big way.


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Sports Field Tablecloth from

You could use this sports field tablecloth to add a soccer or football element to the tables. Use it along with the basketball themed tablecloths shown above or you could use this one for all the tables.


sports themed baby shower decoration Free Printable Sports Themed Garland from Shower That Baby

You can print and use our sports themed printable banner for free.  There are four sports ball shapes – football, baseball, basketball, and soccer.  There are also letters that spell out All-Star.  After you print them (either on your home printer or with a printing service), you just cut them out and string them together.  You can hang them on a wall or on the side of a table.  If you like this banner, be sure to check out the matching free printables at the Sports Main Page.


Sports Themed Balloons

Balloons are a great decoration for a baby shower and they are especially a good way to decorate a sports themed shower.  You can find balloons that feature all sorts of sports.  Here are some of our favorites:


Football Helmet Balloon from



Soccer Balloon from



Football Balloon from



Golf Balloon from



Basketball Balloon from




Baseball Balloon from



Sports Themed Tableware

The tableware that you use for a shower can also contribute to the decorations if you’d like.  There are lots of sports themed tableware that you can choose from.  With the majority of these collections you can either buy the tableware in a set and have lots of matching items or you can just get one or two themed items.  We suggest getting one or two tableware items that go with the sports theme and then using solid colored tableware that matches for everything else.

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Soccer Tableware from Birthday in a Box



All Star Tableware from Big Dot of Happiness



Baseball Tableware from Celebrate Express


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Football Tableware Set from The Party Works


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Basketball Tableware from The Party Works


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Football Tableware from Birthday in a Box