Sports Themed Baby Shower Favors

sports themed baby shower favors

Just like the other aspects of a sports themed baby shower, you can choose to use several sports with your shower favors or just focus on one sport.  Either way, we’ve found lots of sports themed options that you can use.  You can give favors that are themselves sports themed or you can use themed packaging like bags or boxes that feature the theme.  Favor tags that feature sports could make practically any favor fit your theme, too.  Here are some of our favorite ideas for sports themed baby shower favors.


Sports Themed Baby Shower Favors

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Sports Themed Candies from Oriental Trading

These chocolate candies from Oriental Trading are individually wrapped with sports themed wrappers in footballs, baseballs, and soccer balls.  They are come in 2 pound bags.  You could fill inexpensive, clear treat bags with these candies or use sports themed favor bags/boxes to hold these sweet treats.



Cupcake Wrappers from Big Dot of Happiness

We think cupcakes are a great option for baby shower favors.  You could make some simple cupcakes or buy some from a grocery store or bakery and add these sports themed wrappers from Big Dot of Happiness.  Get some inexpensive cupcake boxes like these in a color that goes well with your theme and you’ve got a perfect sports themed favor.


10szcdysblSports Themed Suckers from

These sports suckers from would be a great favor if you’re using lots of different sports with your baby shower.  They come in sets of 12 and each set has an assortment of the different sports balls.



Chocolate Covered Oreos from

You can give your guests unique and tasty favors with these chocolate covered Oreos from  Each Oreo comes individually wrapped in clear packaging that is tied with a ribbon.  You can choose from basketballs, baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, or hockey pucks, and you have to buy at least 12 for each design that you want.



Decorated Cookies from

You can make your own sports decorated cookies or buy them from a local bakery or online like these beautiful cookies from  These are quite expensive, but are large and there are lots of options to choose from.


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Football Themed Mints from The Party Works

These football themed dinner mints could make a great sports themed favor.  You could package them in simple, clear favor bags or use a sports themed favor bag/box to hold them.



Sports Decorated Fortune Cookies from

If you want to give a unique and really customizable shower favor, these decorated fortune cookies from are a great option.  You can choose the color of the chocolate, the colors of the sprinkles, and then you can choose from a variety of sports themed decorations like a baseball, baseball bat, baseball mitt, basketball, golf clubs, golf tees, or soccer ball.


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Big League Bubble Gum from Old Time Candy

We think these Big League bubble gum packs would make a perfect sports themed shower favor.  You can find them online here or at large candy stores.



Sports Themed Favor Bags, Boxes, and Tags



Baseball Cupcake Boxes from Celebrate Express

Cupcakes are a simple and delicious favor to give baby shower guests.  You can make easy store-bought or homemade cupcakes fit the sports theme by using these baseball cupcake boxes from Celebrate Express.


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Football Cupcake Boxes from Oriental Trading

Here are some football themed cupcake boxes from Oriental Trading that you could also use.  You could use them along with the baseball themed boxes if you’re throwing a shower with lots of different sports elements or choose to just use these football themed ones.



Favor Boxes from Big Dot of Happiness

These favor boxes from Big Dot of Happiness are perfect for a sports themed baby shower.  They feature a basketball, football, soccer ball, and baseball mitt/ball.  Each box is 7″ tall and comes with a matching ribbon and favor tag.


Sports-Baby-Shower-Candy-WrapperCandy Bar Wrappers from Big Dot of Happiness

You can use these customizable candy bar wrappers whether or not you’re using any other items from the large All Star collection available at Big Dot of Happiness.  You can personalize the wording to say whatever you’d like and then use the wrappers to make your candy bar of choice fit the sports theme.


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Sports Gift Bags from Oriental Trading

These sports themed gift bags from Oriental Trading feature just one sport on each set.  They come in packages of 12, are very budget friendly, and you can get them in other sports, too.  You find them with footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs.


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Drawstring Favor Bags from Oriental Trading

These drawstring bags from Oriental Trading are pretty large.  You can compare their size to the water bottle that’s to the right of the basketball themed bag.  Each one is 16.5 inches tall and the bags come in an assorted pack of 12.


sports themed baby shower favor tags

Free Printable Sports Themed Favor Tags

You can add our free printable favor tags to any favor to make it suited for a sports themed baby shower.  Just print the favor tags on your home printer or with a printing service and then cut them out.  You can add them to the favors with glue dots, double sided tape, or by punching a small hole in the top and threading a ribbon through them.