Sports Themed Baby Shower Food

sports themed baby shower food

If you’re wanting some ideas for sports themed baby shower food, there are a couple different areas you can add the theme with your food. You can have cakes, cookies, and other foods that feature sports balls or uniforms.  Or you could choose to serve foods that are commonly served at sports games like pizza, hot dogs, nachos, and more.  Here are some of our favorite ideas for sports themed baby shower foods.


Sports Themed Cake and Cupcakes


Football Cake Pan from

It’d be easy to make a sports themed cake for your baby shower with this football shaped cake pan from  You could either decorate it like an actual football or use colors that go well with your shower’s color scheme.


sport cake pan

Wilton Sports Ball Cake Pan from Amazon

Here is another cake pan from Wilton that will let you make a 3D cake that can look a lot like the actual sports ball.  Depending on how you decorate the cake, you could make a basketball, baseball, soccer ball, or golf ball.



Football Cake Decorations from

We love these little football cake decorations from  You could use several to decorate a cake or put a single football on the top of your cupcakes.  Each candy football is 1.5 inches wide and they are sold in sets of 9.


11szckdibsmBaseball Cake Decorations from

You could also use these baseball themed sugar candies from to decorate your cake or cupcakes.  You could use them along with the football decorations above or choose to just use these.  They are also sold in packages of 9 and are 1.5 inches long.


Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 10.20.11 PM

Sports Themed Cupcake Picks from

Another option for decorating cupcakes is to use cupcake picks.  There are several different sports themed cupcake picks at that you can choose from.  Besides the baseball picks shown above you can also get basketballsoccergolf, and football picks.



Personalized Cupcake Toppers from Big Dot of Happiness

These cupcake picks from Big Dot of Happiness are a part of a large collection of baby shower items.  They feature a basketball, football, soccer ball, and baseball.  You can personalize them with the guest of honor’s name.


Sports-Baby-Shower-Cupcake-TopperEdible Cupcake and Cookie Toppers from Big Dot of Happiness

These edible cupcake toppers from Big Dot of Happiness would also be cute as cupcake decorations.  You can personalize them with the guest of honor’s name and the date of the baby shower if you’d like.  These toppers can also be used on cookies.


Sports-Baby-Shower-Cupcake-WrappersSports Themed Cupcake Wrappers from Big Dot of Happiness

You could use these cupcake wrappers that are apart of the all star collection at Big Dot of Happiness along with their cupcake toppers or on their own.  You can also get a matching cupcake stand that comes with 13 of these cupcakes wrappers here.



Football Cupcake Tutorial from Bakerella

These football themed cupcakes are adorable and you can learn how to make them with a tutorial from Bakerella.  She uses football themed candles as cupcake toppers, but you could easily swap those for football candies like we feature above.  The sports field icing decor would also look great with soccer decorations.



Assorted Sports Cupcakes from Serving Pink Lemonade

It’d be fairly easy to decorate cupcakes with icing to make them look like different sports balls.  You can find some ideas for icing decorations at Serving Pink Lemonade.



Edible Cupcake Wrapper Tutorial from Hungry Happenings

We love this edible cupcake wrapper idea from Hungry Happenings.  The wrappers made from chocolate would be unique and delicious.  You could always make part of the cupcakes with these wrappers and use coordinating, simple cupcake wrappers for the others to save time.


sports themed baby shower cupcake toppers

Free Printable Cupcake Toppers from Shower That Baby

We’ve made these printable cupcake toppers that you can print and use for free.  Some say “all star” or “little MVP” and others feature a basketball, soccer ball, football, and baseball.  You can either cut them out in the square shape that’s shown or punch (or cut) them into a 2″ circle.  Then tape them to some lollipop sticks or toothpicks and stick them in your frosted cupcakes.  Be sure to check out the matching food tent labels shown below, too.



More Sports Themed Baby Shower Food Ideas


Tennis Cookie Tutorial from The Decorated Cookie

If you want to add some tennis elements to your baby shower, these tennis themed cookies are adorable.  You can learn how to make them at The Decorated Cookie.  She has made these tennis cookies bite-sized, but you could scale the size up to make them less work to prepare for a shower.



Baseball Cookie Pop Tutorial from The Decorated Cookie

Here is another cute sports themed cookie idea from The Decorated Cookie.  Check out her tutorial to learn how you can these baseball and baseball mitt cookie pops.



Football Oreo Truffles Tutorial from Bakerella

Oreo truffles are a huge hit at parties and baby showers.  You can make some little changes to the original truffle recipe to make these Oreo truffle footballs.  Visit Bakerella’s recipe and tutorial to learn how to make them and we’re sure they’ll be a popular treat.


How to make a sports ball out of cheese, sports themed food, recipe

Sports Themed Cheese Slices Tutorial from Hungry Happenings

You can make a cheese tray or miniature sandwiches fit the sports theme by topping them with decorated cheese slices.  Check out this tutorial from Hungry Happenings to learn how to make cheeses into several different sports balls.


10szcdysblAssorted Sport Suckers from

These little sports themed lollipops from could make a fun addition to your shower’s food table.  Each candy piece is 2 inches and they are sold in assorted set of 12.


Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4.58.53 PM

Sporty Chocolates from Oriental Trading

These sports themed chocolates from Oriental Trading would be perfect at your sports baby shower.  You could fill a glass bowl or container with them for an easy and decorative part of your shower food table.


Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 10.23.53 PM

Cotton Candy from Oriental Trading

You can also serve all sorts of foods at your baby shower that are typical ball game foods.  Serve things like popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, pizza, peanuts, candy bars, or cotton candy like the bags shown above.  These foods will be delicious and remind the shower guests of days at a ball park or sports stadium.


sports themed baby shower food labels

Free Printable Food Labels from Shower That Baby

We love food tent labels because they let you add the shower theme to the food table with hardly any extra work or special recipe ideas.  You can print and use these food labels that we’ve designed for free.  Just cut them out, fold them in half, and fill in the blank with the names of the foods you’re serving.