Giraffe Baby Shower Decorations

giraffe baby shower decorations

Decorations are a perfect place to showcase the theme of your baby shower.  With the giraffe theme you can decorate with giraffes, giraffe print, or both.  The neutral browns and tans of natural giraffe print can make an elegant and simple color scheme. The shades of brown also work beautifully with other colors like blue and pink.

Since giraffe themed baby showers are popular, there are a lot of different options for giraffe baby shower decorations.  We’d like to remind you not to go overboard with using your theme element.  Pick and choose where you want to feature giraffes or giraffe print. If you were to use all the giraffe decorations we’ve collected here it would be too much.  Check out our baby shower theme guide if you want to see how we suggest using the theme in your decor.


Giraffes for Baby Shower Decorations

13szplsgrfGiraffe Plush from

This giraffe plush animal would look adorable as a table decoration.  Use them as a part of the centerpieces at guest tables or scatter them across the food or gift tables.  Once the shower is over you could either give them to the mommy-to-be for the new baby or let any children at the party take them home.


67982Plush Giraffe from

Here is another option for a plush giraffe animal you can use as a decoration.  This version from Birthday Express is a cheaper option than the plush from Shindigz.



Large Inflatable Giraffe from

This inflatable giraffe is three feet tall.  You could use it to add height and drama to a special table.


BS-85437Character Balloon from

If you’re using balloons to decorate the shower you could add this giraffe character balloon to the bouquet.  Just one or two would have a big impact without being very expensive.



Giraffe Themed Tableware

12SZK1BN528Party Supplies from

We love this giraffe print tableware from  You can buy the plates, cups, napkins, etc individually or get pre-made packages at a discount.  The packages even include coordinating balloons and streamers to make the party decorating easier.  If you use the entire giraffe print tableware collection just make sure you use the giraffe theme subtly in the rest of the decor to make sure you don’t overuse the theme.


CEG657224Giraffe Print Napkin from

These giraffe print napkins from Party Pro would look great with neutral tableware.


11sznal530“Baby Shower” Napkin from

Add some baby blue to the shower decor with these colored giraffe print napkins.  They are a part of a collection named “Wild Safari” and feature both giraffe and zebra print.  The collection is also available in pink, but the pink version features elephants instead of giraffes.


CEG417224Giraffe Print Dinner Plate from

We also love this giraffe print dessert plate available at Party Pro.  They would coordinate well with whatever accent colors you may want to use in the rest of your party decor.


Other Giraffe Baby Shower Decorations


Table Confetti from

An easy way to add the giraffe theme to the tables is to use this table confetti from  Unfortunately it’s only available in the blue color as shown, but the giraffe confetti could be perfect for a baby boy shower.  You could also use the confetti to make a giraffe garland by stringing together several sets.


baby_giraffe_jungle_mini_diaper_cake_centerpiece_-_baby_shower_favors_bedb098dGiraffe Diaper Cake Centerpiece from

These giraffe themed miniature diaper cakes would make cute and functional centerpieces for the baby shower.  Each cake includes 7 diapers and it is reasonably priced.  You could also make your own diaper cakes by using a tutorial like this and embellishing it with giraffe related items.


11sztbc528Tablecloth from

This tablecloth could be a great addition to your giraffe decor.  Since the part with giraffe print will hang off the table you won’t have to make sure the decorations/supplies on the table match it perfectly.


81167Printed Foil Balloon from

This giraffe print balloon from Birthday Express is one of our favorites.  The colors are very neutral and would go great with almost any color you’re using with the shower decor.


il_570xN.426901861_fbgyGiraffe Print Fabric Garland from Etsy Seller LolaRoseDesigns

Another one of our favorite giraffe baby shower ideas is this fabric and tulle garland made by Etsy seller LolaRoseDesigns.  It would look great hanging on a wall or the food table.  This garland is a great quality so the mommy-to-be may want to use it to decorate the baby’s nursery after the shower.



Printed Paper Lantern from

Paper lanterns make a great decoration for baby showers.  These giraffe print lanterns from would be perfect for a giraffe themed shower.  You could hang a few together or mix them with solid colored lanterns or tissue poufs.


giraffe baby shower decoration printable

Free Printable Giraffe Garland from Shower That Baby

Use our free printable circle garland to decorate your giraffe party.  Pick which designs you want to use and print that page however many times you’d like – for free!  The neutral colors should coordinate with whatever colors you’re using with your baby shower.  If you like this printable banner, be sure to check out the other matching free printables at the Giraffe Main Page.