Giraffe Baby Shower Food

giraffe baby shower food

There are lots of different ways you can have giraffe baby shower food at your baby shower.  Since this theme is popular you can find cupcake wrappers, cake toppers, and cake pans that would all work great and be easy to use.  If you have the time, there are also plenty of do-it-yourself options to make giraffe themed food and desserts.  Here are some of our favorite giraffe baby shower food ideas.


Giraffe Baby Shower Cake and Cupcakes

How-to-Make-Giraffe-Cupcakes-by-Wicked-Goodies-2Giraffe Cupcake Tutorial from

If you’re feeling ambitious, these giraffe cupcakes would make a great centerpiece for the food table.  You can find a tutorial on how to make the fondant cupcake toppers at  Just a note – not all the cupcakes would have to feature the elaborate topper.  If you don’t have time to make lots of the giraffe toppers you could also serve cupcakes with a simpler frosting.


cw135ckdccwszPersonalized Cupcake Wrapper from

These giraffe print cupcake wrappers from can be personalized with the baby’s name.  Wrappers are an easy way to add the theme to cupcakes without adding any extra effort.



Giraffe Face Cake Pan from

This giraffe face cake can be made using the animal crackers cake pan from Wilton.  WIlton provides easy to follow instructions on how to recreate this fun cake for your baby shower.


kb-6740Giraffe Shaped Mini Cake Pan from Country Kitchen Sweetart

With this giraffe shaped cake pan you could make several small cakes instead of one large cake.  The pan is 4 3/4″ in diameter. You could decorate the miniature cakes with giraffe print or just frost them in colors that match your party.



Edible Cake Topper from

You can make an inexpensive sheet cake and decorate it cake easily with this edible cake topper.  With this customizable topper from you can personalize the wording to whatever phrase you want.  The topper is also available in blue.


Here are some more examples of how you can make a giraffe cake or cupcakes. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAimage from Taekwonweirdo via Flickr

7482070402_d694333964image from Cutie Cakes WY via Flickr

4883881889_92528c6810image from Cupcakes Under Cover via Flickr

DSC_2528Polka Dot Fondant Giraffe from


giraffe baby shower cupcake toppers


Free Printable Giraffe Cupcake Toppers from Shower That Baby


You can make some easy giraffe themed cupcakes by using our free printable cupcake toppers.  Just print them out (we recommend using white card stock) and then cut them out.  You can either cut them in the square shape shown or use a 2″ circle punch.  Then add them to lollipop sticks or toothpicks using tape or white stickers.  If you like these free cupcake toppers, be sure to also check out some matching food labels below.



More Giraffe Baby Shower Food Ideas

giraffeccGiraffe Cookie Cutter from

Giraffe shaped cookies would make a great addition to your food table.  You can leave the cookies plain or decorate them with frosting.  If you want to make more elaborate giraffe cookies we recommend this giraffe cookie tutorial from Sweet Sugar Belle.


il_570xN.185575936Giraffe Mold from Etsy Seller MiniatureSweet

WIth this silicone mold you can easily make giraffe shapes out of lots of different things.  You can use fondant or chocolate giraffes to decorate your cake or cupcakes or make candy and fudge to serve or give as favors.  This mold and a couple different other giraffe shapes are available from Etsy seller MiniatureSweet.



Water Bottle Labels from

You can serve personalized water bottles that fit the giraffe theme by using these labels from  They would look especially great if you’re using the matching cupcake wrappers.


12szckdgirMini Muffin Cups from

These giraffe print mini muffin cups would look great if you’re wanting to serve miniature cupcakes or muffins at the baby shower.  You could also use the cups to hold other things like cake balls, truffles, fudge, or candy.


Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 4.37.57 PMPrinted Food Holder from

These 4″ tall open favor bags would work perfectly on your food table.  You could fill them with individual portions of bulkier foods like popcorn, chips, trail mix, candy, candy bark, etc.


giraffe baby shower food labels

Free Printable Giraffe Food Labels from Shower That Baby

Food labels are a great way to use the shower theme on the food table without having to make special foods or sacrifice on taste with the menu.  They also help guests know what they’re getting without having to ask.  We’ve created these free giraffe printed tent cards for you to print, fill out, and use on your food table.