Nautical Baby Shower Favors

nautical baby shower favors

One of the best places to use the theme with a baby shower is with the favors. There are lots of ways you can give nautical baby shower favors. By using packaging or favor tags that fit the theme you can give whatever you’d like and it will work well. You could also choose to give favors that are nautical themed themselves like sailboat shaped cookies or metal anchor bookmarks. Here are some of our favorite nautical themed baby shower favors.


Nautical Themed Favor Bags + Packaging


Favor Bags from Big Dot of Happiness

These favor boxes from Big Dot of Happiness are perfect for holding the favors at a nautical baby shower.  We love the all-over anchor print and how you can personalize them.  Each box comes with a matching favor tag and ribbon.  If you don’t like the re color you can choose to pay a little extra to change the colors to be whatever you’d like.


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Gift Bag from

We love these small gift bags that you can get from  They are classic colors with all-over navy stripes and a big red anchor.  Each bag is 5 inches tall and wide.



Favor Boxes from Big Dot of Happiness

These favor boxes from Big Dot of Happiness match a large collection of baby shower supplies that are also available.  You can customize the wording in the lifesaver to say a phrase of your choice.  Each box is 2.75 inches tall, and they would be best for holding individually wrapped items since they are an open container.


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Anchor Tote Bags from Oriental Trading

You could give these anchor tote bags from Oriental Trading to the shower guests as the actual favor or you could choose to fill them with some treats or goodies.  Even though they are larger than a lot of the other favor packaging options they are very affordable at less than a dollar per bag.


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Chevron Pails from Oriental Trading

These chevron patterned pails from Oriental Trading would be cute and unique for holding the favors.  Each one is 3 inches tall and they are sold by the dozen with both colors included.


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Anchor Popcorn Boxes from Oriental Trading

You could use these popcorn boxes as an inexpensive option for favor boxes.  Since they are an open container you should fill the boxes with individually wrapped candy.  You could also opt to use a cheap plastic favor bag (like these) tied with a ribbon to hold any food items like popcorn or trail mix.



Favor Bag Kit from

These favor bags from are really inexpensive and the wording is customizable.  If you’re wanting to give a small favor, these treat bags could be a great option.


Nautical-Baby-Shower-Candy-WrapperCandy Bar Wrappers from Big Dot of Happiness

Candy bars make an easy and inexpensive shower favor, and you can make any candy bar fit the nautical theme by using these wrappers.  They match a large collection of shower items that you could also use, or you could use the candy wrappers on their own.  You can customize the wording on these candy wrappers to say what you want.


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Cupcake Boxes from Oriental Trading

We think yummy, edible favors are always a good choice.  You could easily give cupcakes to the guests with these individual cupcake boxes from Oriental Trading.  Fill the boxes with homemade or store-bought cupcakes.  Since the boxes are decorated with the nautical theme, you could use plain and simple cupcakes without having to worry about decorating the cupcakes to fit the theme.


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Nautical Cake Boxes from Oriental Trading

You could also give the guests slices of cake, pie, or other goodies with these nautical themed cake boxes.  You could fill them with homemade or store-bought goodies.



Cupcake Wrappers from Big Dot of Happiness

You could also make nautical themed cupcakes to give the guests by using these decorated cupcake wrappers from Big Dot of Happiness.  If you’re using more decorated cupcakes for the shower favor you could use a plain, inexpensive cupcake box to hold them like these from Oriental Trading.


nautical baby shower favor tags

Free Printable Favor Tags in Light Blue and Navy from Shower That Baby

nautical baby shower favors

Free Printable Favor Tags in Navy and Pink from Shower That Baby

You can add the nautical theme easily and affordably with our free printable favor tags.  You can choose between two different color palettes – light blue with navy and pink with navy.  If you decide to use these favor tags, be sure to check out the matching free printables on our Nautical Baby Shower main page.


Nautical Baby Shower Favors


Anchor Bottle Opener from

If you’re wanting to give the shower guests a favor that is nautical themed itself, these anchor bottle openers from are a great option.  They come individually packaged in a box with a favor tag and cute rope decoration.



Personalized Anchor Bookmark from

These metal anchor bookmarks from are another good option if you’re wanting to give a nautical themed item.  They come individually packaged in a blue striped envelope and you can customize the wording to say what you’d like.



Decorated Whale Cookie Tutorial from Bakerella

These decorated whale cookies that you can learn to make from Bakerella would be a delicious and cute favor for your nautical themed baby shower.  Check out to get a tutorial for these cute cookies.



Pre-Made Sailboat Cookies from Etsy Seller Sugar & Flour

Sailboat cookies are another perfect cookie to give your guests at a nautical themed shower. You can get these pre-made cookies from Etsy seller Sugar & Flour. They come individually packaged from the seller and ready to give the guests.



Sailboat Cookie Cutter from The Cookie Cutter Shop

You could also choose to make your own sailboat cookies by using this inexpensive cookie cutter from The Cookie Cutter Company. You can decorate the cookies with icing or just leave them plain and simple.