Owl Baby Shower Food Ideas

owl baby shower food ideas

We never recommend sacrificing the flavor of baby shower food in order for it to fit the shower theme.  That being said, there are several ways you can serve owl baby shower food.  One of our favorite ways to use the theme is with an owl cake or cupcakes, and you can choose from lots of different creative ways to make them.  You could also use the owl theme with cookies, chocolates, a cheese tray, and food labels.  Here are some of our favorite owl baby shower food ideas for you to get some inspiration from.


Owl Baby Shower Cake and Cupcake Ideas


Fondant Owl Cake Topper Tutorial from Bakingdom

You can learn how to make this gorgeous fondant owl cake topper with this great tutorial from Bakingdom. You could easily adapt the colors of the fondant to match whatever colors you’re using with the shower decorations and you could also scale down the sizes to make miniature owls for cupcake toppers.


Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 4.07.35 PM

Owl Cake Video Tutorial from Sew White

You can learn how to make this really cute owl cake with this video tutorial from Sew White.  She does a great job walking you through the steps of building the owl cake, and you can even print out an owl template from her blog here.  You can customize this cake design by using chocolate buttons in colors that go with your shower decorations.



Branch and Owl Cake Tutorial from Bakingdom

Here is another beautiful cake you could make with this tutorial from Bakingdom. This cake has very fall flavors and colors, but you could easily adapt the tutorial to use whatever flavors and icing cookies you’d like. We live how this cake design is simple and just slightly shows the owl theme.



Cupcake Owl “Cake” Tutorial from Domestic Mamma

If you want to serve cupcakes at your baby shower, this owl cupcake”cake” is a really cute idea. Putting it together wouldn’t be much harder than icing regularly decorated vocals. You can get a tutorial for how to make it at Domestic Mamma.



Owl Oreo Cupcakes Tutorial from Stop Lookin’ Get Cookin’

Here is another way you can make some creative and fun owl cupcakes for a baby shower. The Oreo cupcake “toppers” are not only adorable but they are also delicious. You can learn how to make them at Stop Lookin’ Start Cookin’.



Owl Cupcake Wrapper and Stand from Big Dot of Happiness

You can easily make cupcakes fit the owl theme by using these cupcake wrappers and stand from Big Dot of Happiness. If you’re making more than 13 cupcakes, you could also buy more cupcake wrappers separately. This stand and cupcake wrapper set is also available in a pink color scheme here.


Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 4.04.56 PM

Cupcake Picks from Oriental Trading

We really like these cute owl cupcake picks from Oriental Trading.  The scalloped circles are 3″ wide and they come attached on wooden sticks so they are ready to go.  These picks are sold in sets of 24 and they are super affordable.



Personalized Cupcake Picks and Wrappers from Beau-Coup.com

Here are some more cupcake wrappers and picks that can be customized with wording of your choice.  You can also choose for lots of different colors, so these wrappers would be a great choice if you’re wanting to match the cupcake decor to a specific color scheme.  To get to the owl cupcake toppers, choose the “modern – silhouette baby” option, and then “owl” in the icon drop-down menu.  You can then choose the color you’d like and customize the wording.


owl baby shower cupcake toppers

Free Printable Cupcake Toppers in Aqua from Shower That Baby

printable owl baby shower cupcake toppers

Free Printable Owl Cupcake Toppers in Pink from Shower That Baby

You can make simple cupcakes fit the owl theme by using our free printable cupcake toppers.  You can cut them out in the square shape, or you can use a 2″ paper punch to cut them out in a circle.  Then just add them to a lollipop stick with tape and use them as a really inexpensive owl decoration for the cupcakes.


Other Owl Baby Shower Food Ideas

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Owl Cheese Tray Tutorial from Hungry Happenings

This owl cheese platter is such a unique and fun idea for an owl themed baby shower.  You can learn how to make it from this easy to follow tutorial from Hungry Happenings.



Owl Shaped Chocolate Mold from Amazon

You could make little chocolate owls with this food-safe mold.  Each owl will be 3″ tall and you could make them with or without lollipop sticks.



Decorated Owl Cookie Tutorial from Our Best Bites

These decorated owl cookies are really cute and would be a perfect addition to a food table at an owl baby shower.  You could use icing in colors that coordinate with the shower decorations.  Check out a tutorial for how to make them at Our Best Bites.



Decorated Owl Cookie Pop Tutorial from The Decorated Cookie

These decorated owl cookie pops are another great way to use the owl them with cookies.  The owls are made with fondant, and you could use food coloring to color your fondant to match your shower’s colors.  You can find a tutorial for how to make these cookie pops at The Decorated Cookie.


Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 3.58.06 PM

Owl Shaped Suckers from Oriental Trading

If you want a colorful and cute owl-themed addition to your food table, these owl suckers from Oriental Trading are a good option.  Each comes individually wrapped and they are fruit-flavored.




Candy Boxes and Stand from Big Dot of Happiness

This stand with matching candy boxes would be cute for holding candy or individual portions of snacks, and it would be great for adding more height to the food table.  You can also get this set in a blue color palette here.


owl baby shower food labels

Free Printable Owl Tent Food Label in Aqua from Shower That Baby

owl baby shower printable food labels

Free Printable Owl Food Tent Labels in Pink from Shower That Baby

One of the easiest ways you can use the owl theme on your food table is with tent labels.  Just fill labels in with the name of whatever foods you’re serving, place them on the table, and the owl theme will instantly be included with the food.  We’ve designed these food tent labels in both aqua and pink color palettes.  You can print and use them for free, and if you like them be sure to check out the rest of our owl free printables on the owl theme main page here.