Owl Baby Shower Invitations

owl baby shower invitations

If you’re wanting to send owl baby shower invitations, there are so many different cute options that you can choose from. Themed invitations really set the tone for the rest of the baby shower, so be sure to choose one that goes well with your shower plans. Here are some of our favorite owl baby shower invitations.




Nested Owls Invitation from Minted.com

These nested owls invitations with parent owls surrounding a baby owl waiting to be born are adorable.  They are from Minted.com and are modern, simple, and gorgeous.  You can choose from four different color palettes – blue and orange owls with a gray background (shown), pink and orange owls with a white background (shown), purple and green owls with a cream background, and pink and coral owls with a maroon background.



Wood Grain invitation from Paper Culture

This invitation from Paper Culture has a cute owl on a woodgrain background.  You can get it in the brown color shown and also in pink with aqua as an accent color.



Abstract Owl Invite from Minted.com

We really like these abstract owl invitations from Minted.com.  This invitation is also available in pink and orange.



Owl Family Invitation from Tiny Prints

These invitaitons from Tiny Prints feature a parent owls on a branch with a baby owl hanging from a basket.  You can also get this invite in yellow or blue.



Green and Orange Owl Invite from Pear Tree Greetings

This invite from Pear Tree Greetings is a play on classic alphabet flash cards.  One side features a cute orange and green owl, and the other holds all the shower details.



“Bebe Cheri” Invites from Minted.com

These invitations from Minted.com feature a cute French phrase and lots of pretty flowers.  You can also get this invite in a color palette with blue and purple instead of the pink and purple shown, but it is still quite girly.



Boy Owl Invitations from Minted.com

We really like this “O it’s a Boy!” invitations from Minted.com and think they would be perfect for a baby boy shower.  The invitation also comes in purple or brown.  The teal colored invite that’s shown has a really cute, matching collection of baby shower items (like a garland, party signs, table confetti, etc) that you can find here.



Owl Family Invites from Tiny Prints

These invitations from Tiny Prints have an owl family on a tree branch with a woodgrain background.  The intro phrase is great for an owl themed shower – it says “look whoo’s having a baby!”  You can also find this invitation in a blue color scheme.



“WHO is Having a Baby” Invites from Tiny Prints

Here is another invitation from Tiny Prints that features some cleaver wording for an owl baby shower.  This one says “WHO is having a baby?”  You can also find this invitation in pink or brown.



Blushing Owl Invite from Minted.com

We love these blushing owl invitations from Minted.com.  They are simple and beautiful, and the invites match a collection of beautiful baby shower decorations that you can find here.  You can also get this invite in color palettes that feature more orange or purple.



Owl Invitation from Paper Culture

This invitation from Paper Culture is modern and simple.  The owls are a cute egg-shape, and you can choose from the blue color shown or pink/gray or orange/brown.



Big and Little Owl Invitations from Tiny Prints

This invitaiton from Tiny Prints has a big owl and baby owl on a geometric background.  You can also get this invitation in pink or blue.



Owl Family Invites from Minted.com

This little owl family invitation from Minted.com is adorable. It’s also available in two other color palette – blue and green.



Owl Invites from Big Dot of Happiness

These owl invitations from Big Dot of Happiness are great because they match a huge collection of baby shower items like tableware, centerpieces, cake toppers, and more. The whole collection is also available in a more pink color palette like this invitation in pink.



Owl Shaped Invites from Big Dot of Happiness

This is another invitation option from the same collection at Big Dot if Happiness that’s shown above. This one is in the shape of an owl and it’s also available in pink.



Owl Trio Invite from Minted.com

We love these cute invitations from Minted.com. The introductory wording says “Let’s help [guest of honor's name] feather her nest.” So cute! You can get this invite in the cookies shown or blue/orange or pink/purple.



Modern Owl Invitation from Minted.com

This owl invite from Minted.com is modern and simple. It’s only available in the pink color that’s shown, so it would be perfect for a baby girl shower.



Invitation from TIny Prints

These invitations from Tiny Prints featured an illustrated owl with a pretty sky background. The info wording is written in the cloud, and this invite is only offered in the blue color shown.



Owl Nursery Invites from Minted.com

We really like this owl nursery invitation from Minted.com. you can get them in the color shown or in a grayish blue color palette or an aqua blue with orange color palette.