Ready to Pop Baby Shower Favors

ready to pop baby shower favors

There are a bunch of ways you send the guests home with Ready to Pop baby shower favors.  One of our favorite items to give is popcorn – you can make your own popcorn and package it, give pre-made popcorn, or use themed wrappers on microwavable popcorn bags.  You could also choose from a number of different food items that fit the theme like cake pops, doughnut hole pops, and other candies.  Here are some of our favorite ideas for ready to pop baby shower favors.


Ready to Pop Baby Shower Favors to Make

popcorn recipesPopcorn Recipe Ideas from Shower That Baby

We think that popcorn makes a perfect favor filler if you’re throwing a “Ready to Pop” baby shower.  There are SO many different ways you can make popcorn special enough to give your guests.  We’ve collected over 65 delicious popcorn recipes for you to browse and choose from.  You can add the the popcorn to simple and cheap favor bags like these and tie them closed with a matching ribbon.  Check out our free favor tags below that you could add to the favors, too!


6a00d8358081ff69e2015393b533e4970b-800wi Popcorn Kit Idea from A Beautiful Mess

Another way you can give popcorn to the guests at your baby shower is to make popcorn “kits.”  You can give un-popped kernels and flavor add-ins and let your guests make their special popcorn fresh whenever they want it.  To find out how to make this unique favor, visit A Beautiful Mess.


How-To-Make-Cake-Pops-Tips-And-Tricks-at-Love-From-The-Oven-650x366Cake Pop Tutorials from Love From the Oven

Cake pops are a popular party food that would make a great favor for a “Ready to Pop” shower.  Cake pops are a good option because you can really customize the way they look.  You can use colored candy coating or sprinkles that match the shower colors or you could just use packaging that goes with the theme.  For some tips and tutorials for making your own cake pops, visit Love From the Oven.


sprinkled-cake-popsDoughnut Hole Pops from A Subtle Revelry

If you like the idea of giving cake pops as your shower favors but don’t have a lot of time, these doughnut hole pops could be a good alternative.  You can buy doughnut holes from a bakery or supermarket and decorate them to match the shower colors. They would be so much easier and faster than baking cake pops.  Check out how to make them at A Subtle Revelry.



Ready to Pop Baby Shower Favors to Buy

popcorn-favor-boxes-400“About to Pop” Favor Boxes from

One of the easiest ways to use the shower theme with your favors is to use packaging that fits the theme.  These favor boxes from are made to look like popcorn boxes and they feature a pregnant woman’s silhouette with the phrase “About to Pop.”  The boxes also come with a matching ribbon and a favor tag.  If you need some ideas for how to fill your favor boxes, check out our Favor Filler Ideas page.


Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 10.17.57 PM

 Mini Popcorn Boxes from Oriental Trading

If you want to give a subtle nod to the “Ready to Pop” theme with the shower favors, we really like these miniature popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading.  The popcorn boxes are available in a ton of different colors – we’re sure you’ll be able to find one (or more) that will go perfectly with your shower decor.  You can get them in solid colors or they are also available in stripes or other patterns.  You could use these boxes to hold any small favor that you’d like.  If it’s a food item you may want to use a cheap, clear plastic favor bag inside the popcorn box to make sure your favor filler doesn’t spill.


Brut187favors mainMiniature Champagne Favors from Korbel

Another way you can use the “ready to pop” theme with the favors is to give these miniature champagne bottles to your guests.  Since champagne is known for being bubbly, it could make a glitzy and appropriate shower favor.  These champagne bottles from Korbel hold 187 milliliters and come with a favor tag and ribbon.


Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 10.14.16 PM

Pop Rocks Candy from Oriental Trading

We think candy makes a great shower favor, and there are several different candies that fit perfectly with the “Ready to Pop” theme.  You can give Pop Rocks like these from Oriental Trading, blow pops, or ring pops.


personalized-baby-shower-caramel-popcorn-400Caramel Corn Favor from

If you want to give popcorn for shower favors but don’t have the time to make some homemade popcorn, these pre-made caramel corn favors from are a great option.  The labels are customizable – you can choose from several different designs, but our favorite for the “Ready to Pop” theme says “She’s going to POP.”


personalized-baby-shower-going-to-pop-microwaveable-popcorn-bags-400Microwavable Popcorn from

A cheaper and fresher way to give popcorn to the shower guests is with microwavable popcorn.  You can get these popcorn bags with a customizable label from



Free Ready to Pop Printables

ready to pop favor tags

Free Prinatable Favor Tags from Shower That Baby

An easy way to add the “Ready to Pop” theme to a baby shower favor is with a favor tag.  You can add favor tags to whatever item or package that you’re wanting to give your guests.  Print these favor tags, cut them out, and add them to your favors for FREE.  You can add them to your favors with either double-sided tape or by punching a hole at the top and tying them on with a ribbon.  If you like these favor tags be sure to check out the matching free printables on the Ready to Pop theme’s main page.


ready to pop popcorn wrappers

 Free Printable Popcorn Wrappers from Shower That Baby

We think that popcorn makes such a cute Ready to Pop baby shower favor that we’ve designed these printable popcorn wrappers that you can use for free for your shower favors.  You can choose your favorite design and only print that page, or you could opt to use both.  Just cut the wrappers down the middle of the page (there are two wrappers per page) and wrap them around a microwavable bag of popcorn.  You can use a piece of tape to keep the wrapper on.