Ready to Pop Baby Shower Food Ideas

ready to pop baby shower food ideas

The Ready to Pop baby shower theme is a bit different than other themes because there aren’t many items available that are specifically “Ready to Pop” ready.  For example, you can’t really find cake pans or cookie cutters to fit the theme.  You can, however, go with lots of different foods that nod towards the theme more subtly.  Here are some of our favorite ideas for Ready to Pop baby shower food that you can add to your food table.


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Mini Popcorn Boxes from Oriental Trading

An easy way to use the the Ready to Pop theme with the food is with the containers you use to hold your food.  We think these popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading are a perfect way to point towards the “pop” theme and add some interest to the food table. These boxes are available in a ton of different colors and patterns so we’re sure you will find some that would look great with your shower decor.  Use them to hold smaller foods or individual portions of things like popcorn, chips, or snack mix.


ready to pop cupcake toppers

Free Printable Ready to Pop Cupcake Toppers from Shower That Baby

You can use the theme on cupcakes by printing out these free cupcake toppers.  Once printed just add them to lollipop sticks or toothpicks with glue or tape.  You can add them to simple homemade cupcakes or store-bought ones.



Cake Pops Tutorial and Tips from Love From The Oven

Cake pops are a popular shower food that would work great with the ready to pop theme.  Learn how to make then with this tutorial and tips page from Love From The Oven.  Use our free food tent labels below to emphasize the “pop” part of your cake pops.



Pie Pops Tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion

There are lots of other less common foods you can add to a lollipop stick. These miniature pies on a stick are so cute and would be a really sweet addition to the food. Learn how to make them at The Sweetest Occasion.



Doughnut Hole Pops from A Subtle Revelry

You could also choose to make this unique and easier spin on cake pops with doughnut hole in the place of cake balls.  Roll them in frosting and/or sprinkles that match your shower decor.  You can find a tutorial for these doughnut hole pops at A Subtle Revelry.



Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Pops Tutorial from Lil Luna

Another fun and unique dessert pop idea is this Rice Krispies peanut butter treat. Get the recipe and tutorial at Lil Luna. You could also choose to make simpler Rice Krispies treats on a stick like these.


popcorn recipes for baby shower

Popcorn Recipe Ideas from Shower That Baby

One of our favorite food ideas for the Ready to Pop theme is popcorn.  There are tons of different ways you can make popcorn special for your shower food.  To get some ideas for ways you can make either sweet or savory popcorn, check out our list of over 65 recipe ideas.



Homemade Pop Tart Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Pop Tarts are another food item you can serve at a baby shower to nod to the Ready to Pop theme. You could use store bought Pop Tarts or make your own. To learn how to make your own like the ones shown above, visit A Beautiful Mess. You could also learn how to make bite-sized Pop Tarts on a stick here.


There are several different candies that use the word “pop” in their name and we think they would be perfect to use with your shower food. You could use serve just one of the candies as a treat or use them all. These are some of our favorite candy ideas that are “ready to pop.”

ready to pop candy

Pop Rocks Candy from Oriental Trading


Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 4.08.25 PMRing Pop Candy from Party City


Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 4.08.35 PMBlow Pop Candy from Party City



ready to pop baby shower food labels

Free Printable Food Tent Labels from Shower That Baby

You can easily add the shower theme to your food table by using food tent labels. Even if none of your food items are specially made to fit the theme, you can use the labels and the food table will clearly show the theme. You can use these printable Ready to Pop baby shower food labels for free – just print, cut them out, and write in what food item you’re serving. If you like the labels, be sure to check out the coordinating items at our Ready to Pop main page.