Ready to Pop Baby Shower Invitations

ready to pop baby shower invitations

Just like the rest of the Ready to Pop baby shower theme, there are several different ways you can use the theme with the shower invitations.  Ready to Pop baby shower invitations can feature bubbles, balloons, or nod towards popcorn.  They can use comic book pop art or simply use the words “ready to pop.”  Invitations are a great way to introduce the shower’s theme, so we recommend choosing how you want to use the Ready to Pop theme and using that element (or elements) with the invitation and throughout the rest of the shower.  We’ve collected a lot of our favorite Ready to Pop invitations so that you can easily see what is available and find the perfect invitation for the shower you’re throwing.


Balloon Letter Invitations from

These invitations from are one of our favorite options for a Ready to Pop shower.  The “ready to pop” slogan is really clear and it’s written in balloon letters.  This invite is available in three different color palettes – the one featured above, a pink/purple/green palette and a blue/green/orange/yellow color palette.



Popcorn Themed Ready to Pop Invitations from Paper Culture

If you’re wanting to use popcorn throughout the baby shower to show off the Ready to Pop theme, these invitations from Paper Culture would work great.  We love how the front of the invitation is designed to look like a classic popcorn box.  The back of the invitation shows the shower information as well as some cute vertical stripes.



Ready to Pop Invitations from Tiny Prints

This is another one of our favorite Ready to Pop invitations from Tiny Prints.  We really like how these invitations are versatile – they definitely point towards the Ready to Pop theme but they are neutral enough to work whether you’re using bubbles, balloons, or just the “ready to pop” phrase with your shower decor.  This invitation is also available in blue and green.



Striped Invitations from

This is another more neutral Ready to Pop invitation from  We really like the stripes and think they would be an easy accent to use throughout the shower you’re throwing.  These are available in the minty blue color shown and also in a peachy pink and yellow color.



Comic Themed Ready to Pop Invitations from Tiny Prints

If you’re wanting to use the comic book art to feature the Ready to Pop theme, these invitations from Tiny Prints are a great option.  The wording is really cute – the intro wording says “She’s gonna POP, so let’s hurry and throw a baby shower…”



Comic Themed Ready to Pop Invitations from Tiny Prints

This is another really cute comic book art invitation from Tiny Prints.  Check out how the “O” in “Pop” looks like a baby bottle, it’s so cute!  The background also features a cute, subtle pacifier pattern.


Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 9.47.13 PM

Ready to Pop Bubble Invitation from Zazzle

These Ready to Pop invitations from Zazzle would look great if you’re using bubbles to point to the shower theme.  This invite does use a lot of pink (which would look beautiful if the shower is for a little baby girl).  If you’re hosting a shower for a baby boy, these invites could still work if you use the blue, green, and yellow colors on the invitations throughout the rest of the shower.



Bubble Invitation from Tiny Prints

We really like these bubble invitations from Tiny Prints and think they would work really well for a Ready to Pop shower even though they don’t actually say “ready to pop” on them.  The backs of the invitations are also cute with a polka dot pattern.  You can also find these in green and pink.



Bubble Invitations from Tiny Prints

Here’s another invitation that doesn’t actually say “ready to pop” but they would be a beautiful option for your baby shower invites if you’re wanting to use bubbles with the shower theme.  You can also get these invitations in blue or green.



Balloon Invitations from

If you’re going to use balloons to show off the “ready to pop” theme, these balloon invitations from is a good option.  We think the colors would be a great color palette for you to base the rest of the shower decor off of.  You can also get these invites in a color scheme that has more blue.



Balloon Invitation from

This is another beautiful balloon invite from  They are also available in red, green, and purple.



Ready to Pop Invitations from Etsy seller LePartieSugar

These invitations from Etsy seller LePartieSugar feature pretty bubbles and the “ready to pop” slogan.  They are a digital invitation which means they will be designed for you and you will print them yourself either at home or with a printing service.  You can also purchase matching digital printables for other parts of the shower.



Balloon Ready to Pop Invitations from Etsy seller StockBerryStudio

We really like these invitations from Etsy seller StockBerryStudio.  We love the colors, the stripes, and how they would look great if you’re using balloons throughout the shower decor.  You can choose from lots of different color options.  They are available in blue/green, yellow/gray, blue/green/orange, purple/green, orange/green/yellow, and the pink/orange/purple colors as shown.