Butterfly Baby Shower Food Ideas

butterfly baby shower food ideas

There are many different butterfly baby shower food ideas that you can use for your baby shower.  Typically a cake is the centerpiece of  the food table so making a butterfly themed cake is a great place to start.  You can use a butterfly shaped cake pan or add cake toppers to fit the theme.  There are also plenty of ways you can decorate cupcakes with butterflies.  Cookies, cake pops, crackers, candies, and even sandwiches can also be adapted to fit the butterfly theme.


Butterfly Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes

butterfly-cake-panButterfly Cake Pan from www.Shindigz.com

Making a butterfly shaped cake for the baby shower is no more difficult than making a regular cake if you use this shaped pan.  You can decorate it with simple white icing or get creative with the decorations.


il_570xN.346103963Edible Butterflies from Etsy Seller incrEDIBLEtoppers

These edible butterfly cake or cupcake toppers are BEAUTIFUL.  Etsy seller incrEDIBLEtoppers has great reviews and sells butterflies in a wide range of colors.  Making a gorgeous, impressive cake or cupcakes would be simple using these toppers!


butterfly-baby-shower-cakeimage from Graceful Cake Creations via Flickr

The “pregnant belly” cake is a popular choice for baby showers.  If you’re throwing a butterfly themed shower, you can use butterflies with the belly cake like Graceful Cake Creations did in the cake shown above.


4854462870_47ac2ea028image from TorieJayne.blogspot.com

Learn how to make these butterfly cupcake toppers at TorieJayne.blogspot.com.  You can use whatever colors or patterned paper you’d like in order to make the cupcakes match your shower perfectly.



Butterfly Cupcake Toppers from Etsy Seller WhimsiesByKaren

If you don’t have time to make your own cake toppers, check out Etsy seller WhimsiesByKaren.  They offer reasonably priced toppers in all sorts of colors.  (It may even be cheaper to buy pre-made toppers than to make your own!)


DECO_13335_N_WHTButterfly Cupcake Wrappers from www.TheKnot.com

These butterfly cupcake wrappers from www.TheKnot.com are classic and beautiful.  You could also use them to hold other food items like candies or truffles.


making butterflies9image from TheGirlInspired.com

If you’re feeling ambitious, learn how to make gum paste butterflies at TheGirlInspired.com.  She offers an excellent, easy to follow tutorial to help you recreate these pretty toppers.  You could use them to top cupcakes or a cake.


Butterfly Cupcake ToppersCupcake Toppers from www.Shindigz.com

These cupcake toppers from www.Shindigz.com would help you make butterfly themed cupcakes quickly and easily.  You could use colored icing to match the toppers or just use simple white icing.



Butterfly Cupcake Baking Kit from www.Shindigz.com

For unique cupcakes you can use this butterfly cupcake baking kit.  It includes silicone butterfly-shaped cupcake molds that create butterfly cupcakes.  The kit also includes some decorating supplies, but you could also decorate them however you’d like in order to match your shower decor.


Butterfly cupcakeimage from www.GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart.com

Learn how to make chocolate butterfly cupcake or cake toppers at www.GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart.com. They look great and would be easy and inexpensive to make.


butterfly cake popimage from BubbleAndSweet.blogspot.com

Cake pops are a huge trend and are a great treat to have at a baby shower.  These butterfly themed pops are actually made out of Oreo truffles, but you could do something similar with actual cake pops.  Find out how to make these at BubbleAndSweet.blogspot.com.


butterfly baby shower cupcake toppers

Free Printable Butterfly Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers

You can print and use our butterfly cupcake toppers for free.  They are in a pink and gray color palette and go along with some other free butterfly printables that you can find here.  We recommend printing the toppers on white card stock either with your home printer or a printing service.  You can cut the cupcake toppers out in the square pattern that is shown or you can punch them out with a 2″ circle punch (or just use scissors to cut them into a circle).  You can then add them to some lollipop sticks or toothpicks using tape.


Other Butterfly Baby Shower Food Ideas

butterfly cookie cutterButterfly Cookie Cutter from ThePartyWorks.com

Make plenty of butterfly shaped cookies with a butterfly cookie cutter.  You can make plain cookies or decorate them with icing in colors that coordinate with your shower decor.


il_570xN.494770949_16nzPre-made Butterfly Cookies from Etsy Seller SugarMeDesserterie

To make things easier on yourself, get some pre-made butterfly cookies from a local bakery or online store like Etsy seller SugarMeDesserterie.


Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 9.59.38 PM

Butterfly Gummy Candy from BirthdayInABox.com

These gummy butterfly candies would make a great addition to a colorful butterfly party.



PepperRidge Farm Golden Butter Crackers

An easy butterfly baby shower food idea is to use these PepperRidge Farm Golden Butter crackers.  You should be able to find them in your local grocery stores.  They are shaped like butterflies and would look great on your food table.


Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 9.59.55 PM

Butterfly Sandwich Cutter via Amazon.com

If you’re serving finger sandwiches at the baby shower, use these butterfly sandwich cutters to make your sandwiches fit your theme.


butterfly baby shower food labels

Free Printable Butterfly Baby Shower Food Labels

The easiest way to add the butterfly theme to your food table is with butterfly themed food labels.  You can print out and use the ones that we’ve designed for free.  Just fill in the blanks with what food items you’re serving.  Then fold the labels in half and set them up around your food table.  If you like them you can also print matching favor tags and garland that you can find here.