Ladybug Baby Shower Food Ideas

ladybug baby shower food

There are lots of different ways you can serve ladybug baby shower food.  You can make a ladybug shaped cake or use ladybug decorations on either the cakes or cupcakes.  There are also ladybug themed cookies, candies, brownie pops, and appetizers that you can have as a part of the food spread.  Here are some of our favorite ladybug ideas if you’re wanting to include the shower theme on the food table.


Ladybug Cakes & Cupcakes


Ladybug Cake Pan from Shindigz

An easy way to make a ladybug themed cake is to use a shaped cake pan.  This cake pan from would make a perfect cake for a ladybug shower.  You can decorate it in classic black and red colored frosting or use whatever colors would match the shower decor.


Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 9.15.39 PM

Ladybug Cake Tutorial Video from YouTube user CakesByChoppA

If you’re a talented baker (or just feel like being ambitious) you can make this adorable ladybug cake.  YouTube user CakesByChoppA has this easy to follow tutorial that will teach you how to make a ladybug cake of your own.



Fondant Ladybug Tutorial from The Decorated Cookie

Another way to decorate a cake or cupcakes with the ladybug theme is to use these fondant ladybugs.  You could make them however big or small you’d like and also use different colors if you prefer.  Learn how to make these fondant ladybugs at The Decorated Cookie.



Ladybug Cupcake Wrapper and Pick Set from Party Bell

A really easy way to decorate cupcakes is to use either cupcake wrappers or cupcake toppers that match the shower theme.  This set from Party Bell includes the black and white polkadot cupcake wrappers and a ladybug cupcake pick that coordinates.


printable ladybug cupcake toppers

Free Red and Black Ladybug Cupcake Toppers from

free printable ladybug cupcake-toppers

Free Pink and Black Ladybug Cupcake Toppers from

Using cupcake toppers is an easy and inexpensive way to add a shower theme to cupcakes.  We’ve designed these ladybug toppers that you can print out and use for free.  You can cut them out in the square shape or use a 2″ circle punch (you could also cut them in a circle by hand, of course).  We made our printable ladybug collection in the classic black and red color combo as well as a pink and black color combo.  You could also choose to use the red and pinks together.  If you like these, be sure to check out the rest of our free ladybug printables on the Ladybug Main Page.  We hope you enjoy!


Other Ladybug Food Ideas


Ladybug Shaped Cookie Cutter from Cookie Cutter Company

Cookies are a great baby shower food because they can be easy to make and inexpensive.  By using this affordable cookie cutter from Cookie Cutter Company you can easily make ladybug shaped cookies.  You can then decorate them with frosting or leave them plain and simple.



Ladybug Decorated Cookie Tutorial from The Decorated Cookie

If you want to make decorated cookies for the baby shower, these ladybug frosted cookies from The Decorated Cookie are adorable.  Check out her site for an easy to follow tutorial.



Decorated Ladybug Cookies from

If you don’t have the time (or baking talent) to make decorated cookies, you could buy them already baked and ready.  You can order custom made cookies from a local bakery, but we really like these ladybug cookies that are available at  These cookies would also make great shower favors for your guests to take home.



Ladybug Brownie Pops from

Another way to add the ladybug theme to your food table is with these cute “brownie pals.”  They are brownies coated with candy coating.  You could also choose to give these as a shower favors, but they are quite expensive.


ladybug ritz cracker appetizer

Ladybug Themed Crackers from Yellow Bliss Road

There is an adorable ladybug themed party featured on Yellow Bliss Road that has all sorts of ideas for ladybug themed food and decorations.  We love these ladybug crackers… they’re so cute.  You can find the recipe for these appetizers at Taste of Home.



Chocolate Covered Oreos from

This is another delicious ladybug food item you can add to your shower’s food table.  They are chocolate covered Oreos that are decorated as ladybugs.  You can find them at


13szcdyldbLadybug Lollipops from

These ladybug lollipops from could make a sweet treat for your food table.  They are cherry flavored and come in packages of 6.


free printable ladybug food labels

Free Printable Food Labels in Red and Black from Shower That Baby

printable ladybug food labels pink

Free Printable Food Labels in Pink and Black from Shower That Baby

Even if you don’t use any of the ideas to use the ladybug theme in the actual food, you can add the ladybug theme to your food table by using food tent labels.  You can print these free labels we’ve designed and write in a description of the different foods you’re serving at the shower.  Feel free to use just the red and black, just the red and pink, or combine all the different labels to have a pink and red color theme.